Common bad daily-life mistakes that could effect your health

Knowingly or unknowingly many people do make some bad mistakes (or could be called as bad habits) when one can be so much careless about one’s own health. Most of these mistakes happen when one tries too hard to do something over the top of the hill to loose weight quickly. Here are few things that people do to loose some quick pounds of weight and torture themselves badly impacting their health.

  1. Skipping Meals; No nutritionist in good senses will recommend you, doing this. It is always recommended to eat little less… but never completely skip a meal.
  2. Skipping Breakfast; The start of the day meal should be always good, soft and healthy. Skipping breakfast is another unhealthy childlike mistake, because your body routine system will be badly impacted, and also possibility on over eating in the breakfast.
  3. Not eating before Exercise / Workout; People think that avoiding meal (not eating at least 1 hour before exercise) could help them loosing some extra weight. It is always good to eat something little 45-60 minutes before you workout, because your body will starve and possibly will store fats once you eat back after a very long gap, resulting all in vein.
  4. Replacing meals with Energy bars; very unhealthy choice and childlike mistake, enery bars contains artificial sweeteners and cannot be a substitute to fresh natural diet.
  5. Not eating something nutritious until long-time after Exercise; Do not keep yourself empty after exercising for no more than 1 hour.
  6. Avoiding Dairy Products; avoiding these completely may help you loose some extra weight, but that wont be accountable for what you will loose for your health. A least drinking milk is very important because your bones needs calcium and vitamin D, you can choose low-fat milk products if you are really very cautious.
  7. Drinking water just after eating full meals; drinking water just after eating a meal is always a very unhealthy habit, leading to a lot of health problems. Drink water before or while you are having meals.
  8. Eliminating Carbohydrates; because your body still needs some carbohydrates to do the needful, it is unhealthy to skip these.
  9. Drinking much water before going to bed; could lead to interrupted sleep due to repetitive need to urinate.
  10. Drinking energy drinks with empty stomach; will have very very bad effect on your nervous system, and will lead to very fast heart beats, resulting in faintness.
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