Control Your Diet and Loose Weight in days; Explaining the Basics

Loosing weight has become trendier and necessity in the world where ‘pizzas‘ ‘sandwiches‘ and ‘soft drinks‘ are addition and major part of your daily diet. Not only these do, pump excessive Calories into your body but they also are major contributors for ‘dozens of pounds‘ of fat stored in your body. Unknowingly most people especially ‘youngsters’ of today’s generation have been increasingly attracted to such heavy-duty meals, which later becomes a huge problem for them in form of ‘obesity‘.

 (obesity is a stage, where human body starts getting excessive fats resulting in over weight, and starts effecting your health negatively).

Thus, the need to control your diet has become more important than ever before in this technologically advanced world, where everyone wants; everything  available on their desktop with help of a single click.


Basics to Loose weight by help of Diet Control:

1) An average Adult person needs around 2000 Calories each day in diet.

2) Quality of food matters a lot in loosing weight.

3) Eating ‘Oil Free’ and ‘Non-Fried’ food will help you a lot in loosing weight.

4) Eating high-fiber-content food will help clean your body and remove extra cholesterol out of your body.

5) High protein and low fat food items (such as Fresh Fruits, Vegitables, Chicken (grilled), Fish (non-fried) etc. will give you some extra muscles and avoid increment of extra fats in your body.

6) Drinking a lot of quality and clean water will keep your digestive system in good running condition, enhancing your metabolism rate.

7) Most important: Never eat ‘full-belly’, always keep your 1/3rd part of stomach empty.  You know your body best, and you know your limits, so just keep in mind to eat slowly, and keep some space empty in your stomach.

8) Never sleep immediately after eating hard food items. (some people do feel hungry before going to bed, but it is only advised to only eat “Fresh Fruits” such as “apple” or “peach” if necessary at least 20 minutes before going to bed).


Just like i stated earlier that today i will just explain you the basics and some of the few facts that could really help you Control Diet and Loose Weight.
I will keep writing more on Diet control and Weight Loosing tips and suggestions, just keep reading this blog and i God willingly hope this will help you a lot in enjoying a Healthy Lifestyle.




2 comments on “Control Your Diet and Loose Weight in days; Explaining the Basics
  1. dear sir,
    i m neha i am 25 yrs old. i am pure vegetarian and now i make plan for marriage, but i am fat having 67kg weight and height 5.1″.
    now i want to reduce my weight within 1 month about 10kgs.i read ur article of “Basic to loose weight by help of diet control” but i need more details to losing my weight. please give me some needful suggestion if please feel free.

  2. Hi, I am 20 and 71 kg. I want you to advice me some exercises which I could do at home to lose weight and reduce my belly flab in a short time. Thank u so much.

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