Fact: Loosing 5 Pounds in a month could be easier than you think

Loosing 5 pounds in a month, is very much achievable task. All you need is strong will to do that, except that here i will discuss some easy (not so difficult) rules you need to follow.


1. Eliminate 500 calories each day, by working out hard, and eliminating some high calorie foods.

2. Drinking a lot of water. Increasing water intake during the exercising schedule days.

3. Completely avoid rice, potatoes and fried foods.

4. Eliminate sugar containing foods. On average a normal person consumes 450 calories each day just accounting for sugar. Reducing sugars could greatly boost the weight loosing efforts.

5. Avoid hidden calories. Many restaurants do mis-state calories on their charts. According to research some were found ranging from 100 to 1000 calories over stated. These could result in wasting your weight loosing efforts.


Tip: Always avoid over eating, which could greatly put your weight loosing efforts in vein.


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