How to lose weight without dieting

How to lose weight without dieting


Dieting is really a very difficult thing but if you can make very small changes in your daily routine you can achieve your desire weight. Many doctors don’t believe in dieting. They think that dieting is not good for health. It can really hurt you instead of helping you. When you limit your intake by not taking carbohydrates or fats, you are really creating a deficiency in your body. This can lead to many health problems and it can harm you once you go off the diet. Here are some simple tips you should try instead of dieting for a healthy life.


Understand the need of the body:

Whenever your body is lacking any nutrient you feel hungry or thirst. Understand the need of your body so you can get it without being unhealthy. If you are feeling hungry and you want to eat something salty that means you are dehydrated because salt helps your body store water. If you want to eat ice-cream that means your body needs calcium. So you can have a glass of milk instead of ice-cream. Just watch what you are eating and feel the difference.


Eat slowly:

Normally we are use to of eating really quickly. Throughout our lives we are too busy to sit down and give proper time to our meal. We should give time to our meal and eat really slowly instead of eating quickly. If you give proper time and attention to your food then you will notice when you feel full and then you can avoid over eating.


Leave one portion empty in stomach:

You don’t have to clean your plate as our mothers always told us to do. Stopping just before you are full can help you feel lighter. Leave one portion empty in stomach can help you losing weight.


Eat healthy food:

You should add healthy foods to your diet. Eat more vegetables and fruits and avoid junk foods. You will feel full and light even with less food.




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