Importance and Health Benefits of Durian Fruit

Importance and Health Benefits of Durian Fruit

The importance of the durian for the health cannot be ignored. There are different types of medical and other types of research reports that have clearly shown the importance of this fruit for the health. Durian contains different important nutrients that are considered beneficial for the health in different ways. This fruit is quite delicious, soft and is famous all over the world due to its important features for the health. This fruit is mostly found in South-East Asian countries. Some research reports have shown that the tree of this fruit may grow up to 50 meters in height but it solely depends upon its species. Durian season starts from June and end in august. This fruit consider unique due to its large size, unique odor, and formidable thorn-covered husk. It can reach up to 12” long and 6” in diameter and weighs two to seven pounds. It is of different shapes. It can be round or oblong. Its husk color is green with brown.

It is used in wide variety of culinary and sweet preparations in Southeast Asian cuisines. Its seeds are small, round or oval in shape. Its seeds can be used after boiling thoroughly.

Health Benefits of Durian Fruit

Following are some important health benefits of durian fruit.

Minerals and Vitamins

Like other tropical fruits, Durian fruit is also rich in energy, minerals and vitamins. 100gms of durian fresh fruit provides 147 calories.

Free of saturated fats and cholesterol

This fruit is made of simple sugars that when eaten then it does not cause any danger of increased cholesterol level. In addition to this, it also helps in reducing the cholesterol level in the blood.

Contains sufficient amount of Fiber

Another important health benefit of durian fruit is that it contains sufficient value of fiber thus this helps a lot in releasing the constipation.




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