The Real; weight loosing, reducing & healthy tips to remember

Just like the title explains, i have kept this article very simple and easy to understand for those who understand things in simple and easy words.
Obviously i will be sharing my concept and understanding about the body’s working system. To further explain with an example, i consider & assume the body functionality very simple.

Following few facts & perceptions to always keep in mind:
  •  Assuming that an average body needs 2000 calories a day. Anything that you eat would possibly contain some calories. Calories are to be accounted as INPUT, and the body activities (such as eating, sleeping, exercising, talking, thinking & everything that body performs) is to be accounted as OUTPUT. Now all you have to balance out the equation, but either reducing the input or increasing the output. [Reduce food consumption and increase Body Exercise].
  • Drink a lot of water [drink 12-14 glass of water – 250ml each] in a day.
  • Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, egg whites and white meat such as; chicken, fish.
  • Always eat with some empty space in your stomach. Avoid eating full-belly, because when you over eat, the excess food will be stored in shape of body fats, which will increase your body weight. To clear the concept here with an example, lets suppose you ate a ‘500 calorie burger’ before going for a 2 miles walk, which burnt about 100-120 calories, and the remaining estimated 350 calories will be stored in shape of ‘body fats’ which will result in increased body weight. Instead if you ate a small sized ‘200 calorie burger’ or any substitute diet, would have been enough for the 2 miles walk, with no excess fats, and would have helped you putting off some weight.
  • The key concept here is to eat the food that has ‘Low calories’ and ‘Low fats’, and only eat  little enough depending on your output (i.e. body workout) to balance the equation.
  • Sleep well… Yes sleeping well is very important when you are on weight loosing campaign. Sleeping for at least 6-8 hours is highly recommended. Sleeping properly helps your body heal and balance out things that it cannot do while you are awake.
  • Pickup at least 1-2 high fiber content foods such as ‘Kiwi Fruit’ or ‘Avocado Fruit’, Flax seeds, Peers, Apples with skins, Raspberries. High fiber content food will keep your digestive system in running state avoiding constipation and remove any sticky acids & cholesterol.
  • Strictly follow the exercise schedule and workout (jogging, weight lifting) for full 30-45 minutes allowing your heart to pump the blood faster to your blood streams.
  • Avoid snacks and soft drinks and cheesy, beefy food items.
  • Once you start loosing the weight, later at a certain stage you will notice that, the rate of loss of weight will start decreasing. This happens when most or top layer of fats of your body have already melted out, and the harder or thin flab of fats require long term exercise schedule. Many people start worrying at this stage when they notice almost very little weight loss, but believe me this is normal. So just keep following your exercising routine regardless of  results, and at the end you will not be disappointed.
  • Considering you take in normal (natural) diet during the weight loosing schedule, you can easily loose 3 pounds in a week. [Though people use artificial, medical or herbs to loose weight quickly in days, which can be extremely dangerous]. Always eat normal, natural food items, and do not endorse any of the medicines specially made for loosing weight.
I am very hopeful that all i shared would be very much helpful in recalling some of very important facts that could keep you going throughout your weight loosing campaign.
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