Sleeping Disorders; Do you wake up too early in morning or mid-night ?

Almost everyone in his/her lifetime goes through some sort of sleeping disorder. Sleeping disorders can effect your life style and also your daily routine. The body feels tired, exhausted and as well as mental tiredness. Sleeping disorders can be as a result of ‘stress’, ‘tension’, ‘change in sleeping schedule’, ‘change in environmental conditions’, ‘drinking / eating habits’.

People with sleeping disorders will probably wake up earlier than expected. For instance, people effected with Insomnia sleeping disorder will wake up after after 4-5 hours of sleep. Some will even find it difficult to sleep at night and would take hours before they actually go to sleep at night.

There are various types of sleeping disorders, to name a few:

  • Insomnia  (symptoms; improper sleep, difficulty going to sleep, waking up after 4-5 hours, or waking up at same time of day each day when after sleeping too late)
  • Sleep Apnea  (symptoms; inappropriate breathing pattern, too long breathing pauses while asleep)
  • Night Terrors   (symptoms: bad dreams, nightmares while asleep, screaming, fast breathing, sweating)
  • Night Walking (symptoms: doing things while asleep which only someone awake could be expected to do i.e. Walking, Sitting while asleep)
  • Nocturia  (symptoms: strong urge to urinate (pee) thus interrupting the sleep)


Though there are several other types of sleep disorders but Insomnia is most common form of sleeping disorder. Those effected with insomnia disorder (which only lasts from few days to few weeks or sometimes rarely over a month). Insomnia can be very irritating because the effected person could find it very hard to go to sleep, and could wake up too early (just after 4-5 hours of sleep) even if he/she sleep late night. This badly impacts the daily routine and health as well.

The good thing is that, Insomnia is temporary and mostly goes away after few days or weeks and mostly does not require and medical treatment. Taking sleeping pills can be a solution, but is not recommended because these do come with some un-welcomed side-effects.

If you meet any of following conditions, than probably you are going through the sleeping disorder:

  • Difficulty while trying to sleep.
  • Taking atleast 45-60 minutes before actually sleeping
  • Changing sides too frequently while trying to sleep.
  • Waking up too early or after few hours (before the schedule), and finding it hard to go back to sleep.
  • Feeling tired or mentally exhausted after waking up after in appropriate or less sleep.
  • Getting too many thoughts while trying to sleep at night (stress).

These could be conditions when probably you can be going through sleeping disorder called insomnia, but do not worry this is temporary and should be fine within a few days.

Later, i will share few suggestions and tips to easily overcome the sleeping disorder such as insomnia, so keep checking up with my other articles.



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