Stomach Cancer: What Causes the Stomach Cancer?

Stomach Cancer: What Causes the Stomach Cancer?

Stomach cancer is also known as gastric cancer. This problem has been widely spread and there are hundreds of peoples that are suffering from this problem. No doubt there is significant decrease in the number of patients that are suffering from this problem over the last 60 years. According to American Cancer Society, the number of cases per year of gastric cancer is increasing every year and according to an estimate in 2012 almost 22,000 cases have been reported till now. The stomach cancer has different types depending upon the tissues at which this cancer originates. The most common type of this cancer is known as adenocarcinoma. In almost 95 % cases, this type dominates.

There are different types of medicines that have been developed and formulated for the treatment of this problem. With the help of these medicines, the gastric cancer can be cured at early stages. In most of the cases the stomach cancer comes to know at later stages where the treatment of this problem becomes difficult.

Causes of Stomach Cancer

The research studies have shown that there is no direct cause of the stomach cancer but there are number of factors that increase the risk of occurring of this problem. Here we will some important risks that increase the risk of the stomach cancer.

  • This risk is more commonly found in men as compared to women.
  • Sometimes some genetic abnormalities also increase the risk of gastric cancer.
  • The individuals that belong to blood group A have more chances of gastric cancer.
  • The chances of this cancer increases more at the age of above 70s.
  • The nature of work such as coal mining and rubber and timber processing also increase the risk of this problem.





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