How can diet affect your Health and Heart negatively

Cardiovascular diseases have taken the front position, accounting for a large number of deaths especially in the U.S in recent years. Heart diseases have caused more deaths than dangerously known disease such as ‘cancer’.

The good thing is that, chances of heart diseases such as (cardiovascular) can be greatly reduced by simple things; quality diet & daily exercise routine.

The heart is responsible for circulating the blood throughout the body. Heart arteries carry the blood to the body parts where as veins brings the blood back to this key organ. Basically, the blood needs oxygen and non-resistive path to carry blood to the body parts. But when the path is not clear & contains ‘plaque’ which clings itself to the cardiovascular walls, causing ¬†more workload on the heart itself. This causes slowness of blood flow throughout the body negatively effecting the circulation to body organs. Furthermore, at a stage when heart is over burdened by the increased plaque and blockage of blood vessels, the heart attack could happen.


How to avoid plaque and Heart vessels blockage

Food items that have high saturated fats, could produce harmful form of cholesterol known as “LDL” & lipids in the blood. Both of these elements damage your arteries and causes ‘tear‘.The white blood cells in your body will fight off and create resistance against these lipids and LDL cholesterol. In this scenario, the Blood platelets tries to clot the blood to avoid leakage through the tear. At this point when all these elements LDL cholesterol, White Blood Cells & lipids come together, they form plaque. And this is how the problem starts. Plaque when increased to an extent where it can cause blockage of blood to the heart can be the major cause of sudden heart attacks and various heart diseases.


The Solution; Quality Diet & Exercise

The key is to control your diet throughout your life, and never make a Fats saturated food item as regular part of your life. Reducing Cholesterol levels (esp. LDL) can be very helpful in keeping your arteries in good shape. It is also known that foods like “Dark Chocolate” & “Nuts” can greatly reduce the LDL levels.

Using foods containing Omega-3 fatty acids which are present in Canola Oil, Fish oil, Soy beans, Fatty Fish, Eggs and leafy greens when added to your regular diet will definitely put the things under control.

The other good half lies in regular (moderately-hard) sweaty exercise schedule for at least 30 minutes 5-6 days a week. When you work ourhard and sweat, the blood circulation rate doubles-triples up, helping clearing out the path for the blood to flow throughout your body.

Believe me if you can focus on these two things, than you can definitely avoid heart related diseases.

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